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And he (Abraham) believed (Ve’ HeÆmin) in the Eternal; and it was given to him as righteousness (Tzedakah  (Bereshit/ Genesis 15:6)).

And Abraham Believed. Really? Is that really what happened? Abraham just blindly believed and God made him a Tzadik (A righteous person). Actually, it is not as simple as the Greco-Roman world has made us believed.

In fact, Abraham didn’t just believe. Let’s see, if that translation is accurate; if Genesis 15:6 really means that he believed, then what happened two verses after? Why is Abraham still questioning God with doubt about the same fact?

Because Abraham didn’t just believe blindly as the Non-Jewish world wants to make us swallow. The word “He’Æmin” coming from the Hebrew word “Amen” does not just mean believe, it has a group of meanings just like the word Tzedakah does not just mean righteousness.

Chapter 2

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(I) What is Tzedakah?

Tzedakah is the Hebrew word for philanthropy and charity. It is a form of social justice in which a giver benefits from giving as much or even more than the recipients.

The word Tzedakah used in the verse above seems to be more like God teaching Abraham about a concept which, as a matter of fact, he seems to have grasped very well, as we learned that throughout his whole life, he had become the biggest Philanthropist the world has ever known, Abraham went out giving Tzedakah to anyone that went by his dwelling, he fed and hosted in his tent anyone passing by.

So then what is it that God saw in Abraham that he granted the concept of Tzedakah to him? Arguably as we will see later, God saw that Abraham will remain faithful to him for all eternity, in that he would pass down whatever God teaches him to all the future generations forever.

One of the meaning of the word “Amen” as it is formulated above Abraham “He’Emin” ..  is to train or to coach someone.

And to continue exploring what happened in the verse 6 above, we must also see the various meanings for that word, as we take a look at the other form of the word Amen also; like Ne’Æmen (Ne’Eman), MaÆmin (Ma’Amin).

With these we will see that the concept is far from been simple as, we seem to be getting into something more like Fidelity, faithfulness, loyalty, etc. So it would seem more like what God saw in Abraham is the fact that he will remain faithful to him, despite of all his life circumstances.

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